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Bee pollination is needed for the production of about one third of our food crops. When it comes to fruit, the number of bees visiting a plant affects te size, uniformity, and ammount of fruit it produces. Bee pollination also has an impact on other foods we eat, such as meat, since the animals we consume often eat plants pollinated by bees.

Beekeepers who rent out their bee colonies for pollination may move their hives several times to accomodate the different flowering times of various crops. They may even move hives across provinces.

Nicole's Honey understands how honey bees help the Agriculture industry. Pollinaton of blossoms creates a better crop yield, and bigger and more fruit. We rent our honey bees to ALMOND ORCHARDS. We also rent to Peach, Apple, Cherry, Strawberry, Avocado, Blueberry Farmers and small backyard gardeners. Below is a rental pricing schedule. All our rentable beehives are two box hives, guaranteed 7-8 frames of bees minimum.

Please Contact Us if we can provide Pollinaton services.