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Plain Creamed Honey, for the traditionalist who loves just plain creamed honey with nothing added.

Lemon Creamed Honey, our top seller!! We use only our local wildflower honey. We blend our secret "seed" honey with our wildflower honey, then we infuse it with "organic" lemon extract for a smooth, creamy, delicious tasting zesty lemon creamed honey

Orange Creamed Honey, Simply the best!! We start our process with our local honey. We then add our secret "seed" honey that gives this creamed honey is smooth, creamy texture. We then infuse California Orange "organic" extract for the best tasting orange creamed honey. No doubt about it, a favorite!!

Cinnamon creamed honey, is simply amazing! We start with our local honey. We then add our secret "seed" honey, combine the two honey's, then add "organic" cinnamon for the perfect taste and creamy texture. It's simply delicious on toast, pancakes, or waffles.

Comb honey, is the purest form of honey. It is untouched by human hands and sealed by wax cappings. To eat it, simply take a knife and spread it on toast, wax and all. Or simply chew it like gum, swallow the honey and spit out the wax, or swallow the wax for added health benifits. Simply delicious!!

Cinnamon/Pecan Creamed Honey, what a treat!! Finely chopped organic pecans mixed with organic cinnamon and local honey. Oh my!! What a combination, and a healthy treat. The taste is simply amazing!! Get you some today.

Pomegranate Creamed Honey, our organic flavored pomegranate creamed honey is amazing on toast and peanut butter sandwiches. You’re taste buds will have you begging for more of this delicious tasting creamed honey. Light pink/red in color, you’ll order more for sure.

Nicole's Honey offers Southern Utah Honey and Southern Nevada Honey. Our honey is local, pure, and raw. We add nothing. Our honey bees visit all the the local area plants, shrubs, trees, vegetables and alfalfa fields, so we categorize our honey as WILDFLOWER. We offer two sizes. Pints 16oz, weight 1.5 pounds $12.50 and Quart 32oz weight 3 pounds $25.00 all our liquid honey is bottled in mason glass jars, with screw lids.

Creamed Honey

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Comb Honey

Comb Honey