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Bee Removal

SWARMS... in the spring when the season warms up, the queen starts to lay thousands of new eggs. This causes crowding and overheating of the hive. Once the hive is too crowded and too hot the bees force the queen to lay eggs and they convert those eggs to queen cells. At this point the old queen and 70% of the old hive leave in search of a new home. Thus a swarm. The swarm will locate itself in a tree branch or bush or attach itself to the side of your home. While they are attached to their temporary landing spot, scout bees search for an adequate new home. Most times the new home is a sprinkler box or your attic. Once they establish their new hive in your home or sprinkler box they can wreak havoc. Give Nicole's honey a call and we can arrange a time where we can remove the bees and transplant them to a new home in a beehive in our apiary. We practice humane and safe bee removal. Email Us for removal.

Bee Swarm Removal